Making Your Gadgets Work For You

39 miesięcy temu

Hey Dollies,

We live in the modern world filled with all kinds of gadgets. Every day new ones are created, we all own gadgets and use them daily - but have you ever tried making your gadgets do some work for you? Here are a few ways you can.

Planner/ Calendar
Use the calendar on your phones to keep track of important dates - due dates of homework and assignments, exams and just about everything. You can set reminders to pop up days before the task is due. Play with the calendar on your phone and find what works for you.

School Schedules
There are numerous apps available for free on all the app stores that are designed for students and school. The features vary from app to app but the common features includes - reminder of classes during the day, homework/assignments due, exams and deadline. Go through the app store and find the app that is right for you.

Monthly Tracker
For those of us who are quiet forgetful when it comes to keeping track of our monthly - there are apps out there designed to do it for us. Clue is a great app to try, the name gives no indication as to what the app is, it is requires the least amount of information to being working and finding accurate dates, reminders, and it can be locked from nosy people.

There you have dolls, a few ways to make your gadgets work for you, making your life a little easier.