Grudzień 2012

  • MakeupBerriesMakeupBerries


    Interview! :)

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    Happy New Year! So, this post is just a quick interview with the lovely tigerpoohpiglet, otherwise known as Holly. She has a unique style and I thought I would give her a chance to share it with all of you. Enjoy! ♥
  • TylerisboldTylerisbold


    January is here! That means there's an entire new year ahead of us! We can start making our New Year's resolutions, looking back to the past and forward to the coming year. In Stardoll world, maybe that means becoming Royalty, collecting one-of-a-kind rares, or perhaps owning a popular club.

  • ColourGirl96ColourGirl96


    Nie wiem jak wy, ale ja uważam , że absolutnym must have tego sezonu są ubrania w stylu  skandynawskim. Bardzo efektownie te wzory wyglądają na grubych swetrach oraz od niedawna na legginsach. ..Nie od dziś wiadomo, że Skandynawię cechuje przede wszystkim prostota i minimalizm. Klasyczny szwedzki projektant zawsze projektuje zwykłe białe t-shirty, jasno-niebieskie jeansy i grube kardigany. Ze stylem "Made in Sweden" zawsze kojarzy mi się minimalizm i swoboda, która połączona jest z intrygującym designem
  • KimmyyRoxxKimmyyRoxx


    Whenever you curl your hair, the finished results are always lovely and make your hair look beautiful. But the problem is, hair curlers are annoying, and hair irons damage your hair!

    I absolutely love curling my hair! Especially because I know how to curl my hair without having to wear those uncomfortable curlers. Theres much more simple ways to curl your hair.

    Heres a post you teach you two ways to curl your hair without a hair curler or hair iron.

  • JadaJaneJadaJane


    I'm terrible at baking, I've tried several times to bake cakes, pies, cookies etc. and my baking skills are not the best lol(that's putting it mildly) however I have many wonderful no bake dessert recipes that I use often . My favorite no bake dessert would be AMBROSIA (fruit salad) because it's so simple , easy and healthy the ingredient can vary according to your taste but my ingredients are as follows:
  • The2gLaMsThe2gLaMs


    Hey everyone! Today I have a new make-over, I decided to choose a random doll from stardoll and give her a new make-over. You guys will let me know which make-over looked better, the before one? Or the After one? :D 

  • Amber.StardollAmber.Stardoll


    We spotted Kim Kardashian arriving at LAX airport with a new haircut featuring bangs! We haven't seen her rocking bangs for quite a while now, so what do you think? Does she rock it right or not? Click on the pics and check them out, then make up your mind and VOTE!

  • Amber.StardollAmber.Stardoll


    They say age is just a number and when your name is Demi Moore or Cameron Diaz you certainly won't let it get in your way. Shamelessly these Hollywood ladies have dated some of the hottest and youngest guys Hollywood has to offer! And really, who can blame them? Click on the pics to see who's cougar claws are out!

  • JadaJaneJadaJane


    As good and kind as we may be sometimes bad things happen to good people no one is exempt from tribulations, if you're a good person and life has dealt you a terrible hand or some misfortunes have come your way  please don't allow yourself to loose hope and definitely don't allow the negatives that you've experienced to change you or  make you feel that being a good person is pointless.
  • Amber.StardollAmber.Stardoll


    It's not easy being an original in Hollywood, and that's a thing Britney Spears and Heidi Klum recently got to know everything about. They both picked out this cute Thomas Wylde satin dress with a cool gold-chain collar. But who do you think looked better in it? Britney in her black one or Heidi that chose a green one? Vote and tell!