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    Get ready Canadians, Will and Kate are heading your way! At the end of June the royal couple will head over to North American for an 11 day tour starting in Ontario and Quebec! Rumor has it they might stop by Los Angeles, but it's not on the official itinerary yet. We wonder what they'll do in Canada? Eat maple syrup, chop wood, play hockey? Ok ok we're kidding! We bet they have a wonderful trip and we're super excited for them!

    Canadians, will you see Will and Kate? Check out their itinerary!
    June 30-July 2: The National Capital Region (Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec)
    July 2: Montreal
    July 3: Quebec City
    July 3-4: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
    July 4: Summerside, Prince Edward Island
    July 4-6: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
    July 6-8: Calgary, Alberta
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    Are you planning a few lazy days in the sun this summer? Whether you're planning a picnic in the park, ice cream on the beach, or a major shopping spree, we've put together our Summer Day Must-Haves! A simple, white dress with ruffles will give you a feminine look but add some bohemian earrings for an unexpected twist! Choose cute sandals over heels to show off your pedi! Blue is this year's color and we dare you to wear bold statement pieces for the perfect pop that will compliment a breezy summer dress! Check out what's at the top of our list for summer days!

    Day Time Summer Must-Haves!
    Make sure to check back tomorrow for summer night must-haves, it's going to be hot!
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    Are you guys just as sad as us to see the Harry Potter saga come to its end? For many people, Harry Potter has been a big part of their lives growing up, so we can only imagine how big of a part it mustn't have played in the actors lives! They have practically lived and breathed Harry Potter for over a decade! Empire magazine went on to ask the cast of the movie how they would sum up the experience in one word, and we think Emma Watson simply nailed it. How would you guys sum up your Harry Potter experience in one word?
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    Ok you guys, in about two more weeks Joe Jonas' new single, See No More comes out! June 13 is the release date (it's a Monday) and we can't wait! Until then, Joe has a released a teaser of his new single. We keep watching it over and over! Are you guys looking forward to Joe's new single as much as we are?Check out the teaser video!
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    I live in my trusty cut-offs all summer and am excited to finally break them out this weekend! What types of vintage tops can I pair with them to look current and cool though, and not just like I’m in old daisy dukes?
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    Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren have revealed that they are expecting a baby girl! The couple are already parents to cutie Honor Marie but have said they want a big family! We think Honor will make a great big sis and she'll love having a little sister to play with. Congrats Jessica and Cash, we can't wait to meet your little one and find out her name! (perezhilton)
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    Bad things happen to bad people in singer Natalia Kills‘ eye-for-an-eye universe. Her much-discussed ‘Wonderland‘ video has already stirred up European audiences with its unnerving scenes of stylized violence, which somehow startle more in 2011 than they might have ten years ago, when pop stars routinely (and expensively) scandalized MTV’s late night lineup. But the controversy certainly didn’t wound her popularity: Perfectionist, her multi-ranging debut, sold well, landing her in the Top 10 in Germany, where’s she already become everyone’s favorite pop mystery.

    Whether Kills’ internationally-approved iconoclasm will translates as effectively on this side of the Pond remains to be seen, but with Rihanna singing about the scent of sex on daytime radio and Gaga giving birth onstage on SNL, the time seems right for the British-born Kills to test American pop’s outer limits. Her music itself—often called “dark pop”, described as “pop with an opinion” by Kills—is fittingly confrontational, aligning agitated and confessional lyricism with brooding, nocturnal production from some of pop’s most salient architects (Akon, Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, and Jeff Bhasker to name a few). This is murder on the dancefloor—but it’s also so much more. Having just completed a successful US tour with Swedish dynamo Robyn, she’s already provided Americans an attractive foreshadowing of what is to come. But ELLE digs deeper, catching up with Kills as she prepares to unleash Perfectionist on Americans this summer.
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    Seoul-based journalist Michael Reyes is profiling some of today’s most notable Korean designers. Here’s the third installment. Seasoned Korean designer Han Song’s inspiration for S/S 11 celebrates the organic beauty of insects, an unlikely yet delightfully enchanting specimen for heightening this designer’s intrigue. The skills he acquired of sketching and draping at Parsons in New York is reflected elegantly with special attention to the signature pieces in his collection: beetle wings, and voluminous silhouettes reminiscent of flying anthropods. Exaggerated volume noticeably presented with skirts this season, also calls to mind butterfly wings, dramatically contrasted with slim tops and bold, colorful leggings that mimics the physique of the prettiest bug. Sheerness and layering enhances the theme; full skirts in translucent fabrics such as woven silk organza for instance being worn over pants distinctively maintain the flow with shirts in metallic, iridescent materials referencing intriguing exoskeletons inspired by cicadas.
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    La Fripe, French for ‘second-hand’ is popular in Paris, yet not as developed as in other cities: New York, London, Berlin all have catchy concept boutiques offering vintage clothing – yet the French variety falls into two categories: either dépôt-ventes (where one sells and buys used luxury goods for a vaguely less outrageous price), or dirt-cheap, filthy items in smelly shops.