Lipiec 2011

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    The promo ads for the new CW series Ringer have got us pumped for the suspenseful show: Sarah Michele Gellar stars as Bridget, a woman on the run who takes over the identity of her identical twin sister Siobhan. The only thing is, well, they don’t focus enough on what just might be the show’s biggest asset: Kristoffer Paloha. Kristoffer plays Henry, the husband of Siobhan’s best friend, who just might be having an affair with her. We’re not quite sure yet- we’ll have to watch to find out- but what we do know is the more on-screen time for oh-so-good-lookin’ Kristoffer, the better. Tall, dark and handsome Kristoffer got his start acting ten years ago, and had roles in a number of TV shows, including Life Unexpected and the canceled-way-too-early sci-fi program Tru Calling. During that time, he settled down with his wife and had three sons: Jude, Kristoffer Jr., and Micah. Hey, Kris, if you’re looking for a baby sitter, we would loovvee to help out! :) Kristoffer is our crush of the week because he’s a great actor and a family man to boot, and also because of his penetrating brown eyes, adorable smile, cute scruff… sigh. Check him out in Ringer, which premieres on the CW on September 13.
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    Caprice Crane might not be the most followed author on Twitter, but she could just be the funniest. Her tweets say what we wish we could say but don’t, or what we simply never thought of. Like her shout-out to all the mis-styled fellas out there: “Hey, men in sandals: Nope.” We couldn’t have said it better! Her latest hilarious venture is much longer then a short 140-character tweet. It’s a gut-busting, try-not-to-laugh-out-loud-and-embarrass-yourself-in-public novel about a superstitious DJ who falls in love but is convinced the relationship is doomed from the start. In fact, she announced the release of the novel, With a Little Luck, to her followers in a way only she could: “My new tweet is out today and it’s only 441,285 characters! (Some might call it a book.)”

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    We chatted with Caprice about that longer-than-a-tweet book and what it was like to grow up with famous parents (her Mom, Tina Louise, played Ginger on Gilligan’s Island and her Dad, Les Crane, was a talk show host), plus some more thoughtful topics, like why isn’t there another word for thesaurus?
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    Alice wróciła tego dnia do domu z pełnymi torbami. Kupiła masę rodzajów herbatek, masła, lemoniadek i innych produktów. Pod hotelem, udało jej się wyskrobać parę "grubszych" groszy na Nowo Jorskie schronisko...
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    When electo-pop, acoustic guitar, and indie rock collide, you get Brit songwriter/singer Ellie Goulding. Wearing her heart on her sleeve (when she wears sleeves), the 24-year old mixes euphoric melodies with soulful tunes about love, obsession, and fear. With a cutting edge sound, it comes as no surprise that the coy Miss Goulding has no problem mixing leather, sequins, and suede. She has even been spotted with purple and pink hair. You go, Goulding! With a number-1 album in the U.K., we think it’s only a matter of time before she’s climbing the charts here in the U.S., which is why we have our eye on this one. Our buddy Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low even dubbed her song ‘Under The Sheets‘ as his favorite song of the moment. Not to mention her outfits are always too cool. Follow in Goulding’ stylin footsteps with these pieces we’ve found.
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    There’s nothing wrong with being the cat’s meow, especially when we have the accessories to go along. Whip out your old ’50s/’60s-inspired  poodle skirts and cat-eye glasses (OK, maybe leave the skirt at home)—we’ve recently spotted our fav celebs strolling about in these retro shades. Are you a fan of this look? Or should the cat eye lens be buried in the fashion cemetery alongside velour tracksuits? Check out how these celebrities rock the look and try on a pair for yourself!
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    Photo: Courtesy of our friend Dani

    You love a good search. If it’s one of a kind, you’ve gotta have it. When people ask, “where did you get that?”, you smirk because you know it’s that keen eye of yours that keeps others fascinated. And it’s true: some people have the eye for these wondrous goods, and others just don’t. But hey, what are we here for? To make your fashion vision 20/20. Read up on some tips to make sure you score the most perfect vintage piece next time you hit the flea markets. Vintage muses unite!
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    We're sensing a big velvet comeback this fall! We've seen a lot of celebs wearing velvet this summer and we have a feeling that it's just a hint of what's to come. But we're a bit torn, do we love or hate velvet?

    Some celebs like Ashley Tisdale and Kelly Osbourne know how to rock velvet but others like Jessica Biel and Anna Kendrick just look like a 90's throwback. Velvet is a difficult fabric to wear and can easily look too stuffy. If you want to experiment with velvet we suggest going subtle and pairing velvet with another fabric, like a velvet skirt with a cotton top or a pair of lush, velvet heels!

    What do you guys think? Will you wear velvet this fall/winter?
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    Having trouble getting your cute butt out of that comfy couch for a work out? Yup, we’ve been there! But celebrities like Lauren Conrad, Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian know that the best and most EFFECTIVE way to work out is to do it with someone you know! So take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or sister out for a jog or a power walk! You can gossip about you latest flirt while trimming your legs at the same time, how perfect is that!?
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    Do you think that celebs get the star treatment all the time? Well this is proof that they don't! Nope, here you can see Vanessa Hudgens pumping gas...without any help... just like an everyday person!
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    Sasha Pivovarova in In Time.

    When the trailer for In Time hit the Internet earlier this week, the fashion world was far more concerned with a split second cameo than Justin Timberlake‘s action packed sequences. Sasha Pivovarova, the feline Russian model, makes her acting debut in the futuristic feature playing Amanda Seyfried’s grandmother, Clara (which sounds crazy, but in the future people apparently stop aging at 25). When Emily Dougherty, ELLE’s Beauty Director, interviewed Seyfried for our April cover story, Seyfried dished on her new model friend. “Oh my god, she’s just amazing,” she said, “I almost didn’t talk to her the whole time because I was nervous.” It’d be impossible not to be familiar with Pivovarova’s face, but even Seyfried was taken aback, “She shows up in the trailer one day and looks nothing like she does in pictures…We have similar shapes, there’s a similar thing going on. Wide set eyes, cheekbones, blonde, the lips. I always thought on my best day I could maybe one day look like [her].” The two had something else in common—a wig. “She wore my second wig,” Seyfried said of their matching ginger bobs.