Spring's in the Making!

39 miesięcy temu

Hey dolls!

For those of us in the Northern hemisphere, spring is merely a few months away. Today I'm going to show you a quick makeup look to give you some inspiration on colorful makeup.

1. Apply any color you want to the inner corners of the eyes. It can be a bright color or a pastel - just make sure it looks good with your doll's complexion. (SD Academy Quest Green eyeshadow - 0 sc)

2. Blend it out with a white or cream colored shadow to soften it and make it less harsh - this is the key to making colored eyeshadow work. Add some on the brow bone, too. (Dot Royal White eyeshadow- 5 sd)

3. Add eyeliner to the top only. I added a small wing, too. (Dot Fluid Liner- 3 sd)

4. Apply mascara. You can go colorful with this if you want - I just chose black. (Dot Volumizing Mascara - 3 sd & Dot Lengthening Mascara - 2 sd)

5. Use some blush to give your doll's cheeks a splash of color. I chose a bright peachy shade! (Transform Exotic Peach blush- 9 sd) You can also use bronzer for a sun-kissed touch. (Transform Bronze Blush- 9 sd)

6. Finish it off with a pop of color on the lips. (Transform Exotic Peach lipstick- 17 sd)

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial, and if you recreate it just leave a comment letting me know so I can see it. Until next time,

-H x