Dealing with Heartbreak

45 miesięcy temu

Heartbreak can be incredibly painful, internally. Most of the times, you have no idea it is going to happen, so you can't even prepare yourself. With a broken heart, it is common to feel lonely, used, depressed, hurt, angry, apathetic - not very nice feelings! To truly heal from a broken heart, you will need time, and you cannot have a negative perspective. Today I will tell you some steps to help you heal.

STEP ONE: First, know that what you're feeling is okay. It is okay to feel upset that it is over. Then you need to accept that it is over, don't give yourself false hopes and convince yourself that your relationship will come back. Just accept as is, so you can begin to realize that you want to move on.

STEP TWO: It's really important to try and stay happy. To do this, take a break from your ex, when a heartbreak is fresh it is really hard to just be friends. Instead, spend time with your friends doing fun things to help take your mind off of it. Also, talk to your friends about it. It really will help you to voice it all. 

STEP THREE: Moving on can be the hardest part. You don't want to have any feelings for them, but it can be hard! As long as you focus on staying happy, and do not go back to your ex for any reason, and you give it time, you will heal. The first week is always the hardest. Just remember to NEVER turn to anything such as self-harm. There are much better ways to release pain, and if you have thoughts like that tell someone!

I really hope this helps you out, if you have any more tips leave them in the comments!

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