Confidence in your style

39 miesięcy temu

Hi all, Alice here! 

Style is a very personal thing but most people think every style is branded with a name and is demonstrated by vast groups of people. 

The actual truth is that we are only inspired by other people and everything outfit you wear becomes your own; it might be a different hairstyle, jacket etc. 

How can your personal style translate confidence? 

It works both ways - being confident in your style allows you to not be put down by what people say and wear different clothes more bravely, and style opens up various paths to how you feel. 


Makes you feel free and careless! 


Gives you a feeling of security and that confidence to be more than you usually are. 


Warms your spirit and adds a spring to your step! 

There are many more fashion styles that I could talk about but I'd go on forever. So, I am giving you all a challenge: 

Wear different fashion styles either on Stardoll or in real-life and see which one makes you feel the best or gives you the most positive benefits. It is different for everyone! 

What style gives me confidence? 

Honestly, the bohemian fashion is becoming my world! I just love the displacement of it all and how not everything would be thought to 'work' initially but does in the end. It makes me feel free, and that's a feeling I love... 

Which style makes YOU confident? 

Stay safe! 

- Alice