How to choose an outfit

63 months ago

Does your mood constantly determine what you're going to wear that day? If so, you aren't alone. Many times I don't realize that instead of my mind choosing an outfit my mood does it. So I tested my mood, and I decided to record what I wore and how I felt that day I wore the outfit.

Day four: I was in a great mood! I just received my senior schedule and I found out all my friends are in the same lunch period with me! Can't wait for school!

Day three, I just finished watching an old movie. I forget the name but there was this woman on the back of a motorcycle, very edgy. I felt pretty edgy after watching and attempt a biker look.

Day two, my family is move and I just picked the color of my room. It is a pink mix with purple and is very close to the color of the dress.

Day one, I was feeling successful so I dress as a business woman.

Here is one way of choosing an outfit... let you mind do it!

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