March 2011

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    Photo: Retna

    Hollywood has been off in la-la land recently, with a slew of fairytale-inspired movies ready to hit the big screen in the next year. One of the movies we are excited to see is a remake of Sleeping Beauty starring Hailee Steinfeld. While a producer has yet to pick up the script, with Hailee’s performance in True Grit, it shouldn’t be long before someone snaps it up. The movie will follow Sleeping Beauty into her dream world and her struggle to find her way back out. We love the feminist take on this old classic, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out! 
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    The ethnic fashion is coming back but it can be a bit tricky to get it right! Take a look at these queens of Boho and hippie-fashion and let them inspire you. This style is one of their favorites when the weather permits. Now, just throw on and go all in with your head band, long skirts, thin materials and patterns!

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    These ladies are styling the airports, rocking the streets and making the gutter chic wherever they go! We call them the style icons of the streets! Yes we mean ladies like Charlize Theron, Vanessa Hudgens, Sienna Miller and many more, who never stop amazing us with their everyday fashion choices!

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    Life would be easy if you could just buy any trend you liked right off the runway (those Louis Vuitton heels anyone?) but a girl’s got to stay within her budget. If you have a beer budget but champagne taste, DIY is a great way to revamp your wardrobe for Spring without spending a lot. Even if you can’t sew on a button, here are three easy DIY projects to get that runway look for less: Chris Benz tassel belt

    Chris Benz, Imaxtree You will need: Black and white tassels Several feet of cords Glue or clear nailpolish Measure out how much cord you will need to wrap around your waist and for the drop (I recommend about 9 feet for each belt). Cut the cord at the appropriate length. Dab each end of the cord in a little glue or clear nail polish and let it dry to keep the cord from unraveling. Tie a tassel onto each end. Repeat for the second colored belt. Wrap both belts around your waist twice, tie loosely in front. Balmain punk jacket

    Balmain, Imaxtree You will need: An old jacket you don’t mind destroying. A leather motorcycle jacket is preferable, but a blazer or cotton jacket would look great too. Safety pins Studs Stud punch Chalk Ruler Using the chalk mark out where you would like the studs to be, along the lapels or shoulders are always a good look. Use a ruler to keep them in a straight and even grid pattern. Using  the stud punch, insert the studs where you marked. Insert safetypins here and there, mixing them in with the studs. Dries Van Noten ombre tie-dye


    Dries Van Noten, Imaxtree You will need: White piece of clothing Box of Rit Dye Bucket or a bathtub Follow the directions on the Rit package for dyeing clothing. Let it soak for a short period of time for a light wash of color. Rinse and wring it out, then dip part of the clothing back into the dye bath. Wait until the dye sets in for a darker color. Rinse and let dry.

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    Photo: Retna

    Vera Wang is well known for designing beautiful wedding gowns that we love drooling over. The designer has dominated commerce with her skin care, bath products, and beauty accessories line with Kohl’s. So what’s up next for the brand? WWD has reported that Vera Wang has plans to start a menswear collection in addition to launching a cosmetics line with Estee Lauder. Wang says, “Like fashion, make-up is also transformational. I love the artistry of make-up to accentuate, enhance or create a mood for any time of day or occasion.” The label also brought Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester in! She’s signed a two-year contract making her the new face of Vera Wang’s upcoming fragrance. The fragrance is unnamed and has no release date yet but Vera describes it as “young.” Sounds like Meester is a stellar choice!

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    Check out this double dose of cuteness overload -- your challenge -- use the comments below to tell us what you think they're talking about ... best answer will find some Stardollars in their account!

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    Photo: Getty
    Who: Michelle Williams
    What: The Cinema Society and Nancy Gonzalez screening of Meek’s Cutoff in NYC
    Wear: Chanel dress and Salvatore Ferragamo heels

    Michelle Williams might have been confined to the long, full skirts of her period costume while filming the Western Meek’s Cutoff, but she went full-on contemporary for the red carpet last night. Sporting her signature pixie cut, the indie darling shed her typical vintage threads for a deceptively simple cream Chanel shift with black sequined cap sleeves, which she paired with minimalist black Ferragamo pumps. Whether she’s wearing retro or modern styles, Williams knows how to keep ahead on the best-dressed list. We’re guessing that she’ll make us look at those prairie bonnets in a whole new light

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    Carolina Herrera spring 2011, Imaxtree

    Wrapped-up or let down, curly ringlets or kinky crimped, natural or technicolor, spring presented a wide range of ‘dos for every type of hair and mood. One of the few constants it seems was the appearance of the clip (not the 80′s mega claw kind) that can be used to make your style elegant, playful, or just plain out of your face. Here are a few ways New York’s designers used the classic tool to inspire your own daily routine: Carolina Herrera adorned her geisha dolls with barrettes made out of hair, matching each model’s own color. Keeping the zen mood, the organic accessories were arranged in tight, abstract patterns on ponytails and buns.
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    Photo: Olivia Malone

    Lindsey Thornburg‘s best known for her Navajo-like cloaks. They’re the only really stylish way to snuggle up in a blanket while walking around a city and look both fashionable and put together, but it’s no wonder it took her a little bit longer to develop her first spring collection. When she finally did—and it’s beautiful—Thornburg set out for Palm Springs with her “creative counterpart” Olivia Malone for two shoots: the lookbook, and a behind the scenes look a the look book. Luckily, the monsoon that hit their location (the heaviest in 21 years) worked in their favor. “Having to work with the elements and create a spring editorial in a downpour made for the most beautifully dark images,” said Thornburg. Click through for a closer look!