September 2011

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    It's getting colder outside and even though we love Fall, we hate what it does to our hair! It gets dry and very static-y. To prevent static, we have some easy tips for you to follow!
    1. Deep-condition your hair as often as you can to prevent the dry and damaged hair! Properly moisturized hair is less likely to be affected by static.
    2. A quick and easy tip is to spray hairspray on your brush and run it through your hair! 
    3. Try putting just a little lotion on the tips of your hair, it will weigh down your hair and decreases the static.
    4. A fabric softener sheet is super handy if your hair gets crazy static! Just keep it in your purse and run it over you head when needed! It works! 
    5. Use conditioner when you wash your hair and at the end of every shower run cold water over you hair for a few minutes, which also make your hair incredibly shiny!
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    We love all of the prints and patterns we're seeing on our fave celebs! We especially loved the printed pants that Chloe Moretz wore to the premiere of "Iris" and we loved Vanessa Hudgen's boho maxi dress! Click on the pics to check out this week's best dressed celebs!
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    Hey girls!

    I've been on some major shopping sprees in Starplaza recently with my bestie ElleGirl--- I can't wait to show you everything I bought!

    I totally fell in love with this outfit from Young Hollywood:
    What do you think of my look this week? Tell me in the comments!

    Outfit details:
    Dress: Young Hollywood
    Bag: Young Hollywood
    Shoes: Young Hollywood
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    Angelina Jolie took her kiddos, Zahara, Knox, Vivienne, and Shiloh to hang out with Gwen Stefani and her kids, Kingston and Zuma. The two families were both in London and had dinner together at Gwen's flat! We love it when celeb families hang out! So much fun! We wonder what they had for dinner?!
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    We love Fearne Cotton's personal style! Have you seen her new hairstyle? She's been rocking this Charleston 40's look for the past week and we love it! It really goes with her style and she looks timeless! It's such an easy look to get! Just put wet hair in some middle-sized rollers, let it dry, and brush the locks out with your fingertips. Use a bit of hairspray or moroccan oil to keep the ends in place and voila! Click on the pics to see Fearne's new, hot hair!

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    Hayden Panettiere loves changing her hair color and style! We've seen her in everything from red, black and blond to long, short, straight and wavy! But we can't decide which look is our fave! Well the blond, sweet and innocent look did work in '09 but we just love the short and edgy look that she's been rocking since then! Click on the pics and tell us what you think, short and blond or black and long?
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    Mario Testino & Carine Roitfeld standing at Balenciaga. From WWD's Twitter feed.

    About half of this morning’s Balenciaga-centric Tweets were dedicated to the “mind bending beauty” of Nicolas Ghesquière’s spring collection, but the other half were more concerned with the breaking benches. It sounds like one bench after the other started collapsing under the weight of the attendees (which, to be honest, isn’t much). After about three benches broke, workers started bringing in replacements, but even that wasn’t enough. The crowd was asked to stand to watch the show—a crowd including Catherine Deneuve and Salma Hayek. Our own Anne Slowey said, “If anyone deserves a preemptive ovation it is Ghesquière!” while’s Meenal Mistry quoted an unnamed editor, “Tom Ford could have used some faulty benches to get his standing ovation…” And Paris starts off with a bang!
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    Some people say that Hollywood-love never lasts. But we don't think that is true at all! Hollywood has a lot of solid couples, like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore! Everyone doubted their relationship, but look at them now! They got married six years ago and in Hollywood years, that's a lifetime! We are total cheerleaders for love, and even if it has a hard time surviving in Hollywood, some celeb couples make it last! Click on the pics to see couples that are still in love, despite the odds!
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    We spotted Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner grocery shopping together! They're still going strong and despite being part of a (crazy) reality TV family, they seem remarkably low-key!

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    The shows have just kicked off in Paris—we’re in the final homestretch of fashion month! So without further ago and in no particular order, here’s a look back at ten of our favorite looks from Milan. Which looks were your favorites?