September 2011

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    Photo: Johnson & Johnson

    Cynthia Rowley’s collaborating with Band-Aid on designer bandages. Some will be sequined, others will be covered in images of runway models, and a box will set you back about $4 when they hit stores in time for the holidays. But first, they’ll preview them for Fashion’s Night Out. And throughout New York fashion week, Johnson & Johnson will sponsor “a traveling Glambulance to roam the NYC streets rescuing fashion emergencies, fully equipped with a hair stylist, make-up artist and fashionable First-Aid supplies.” There’s a joke in there about Nelly’s influence finally being felt in the fashion sphere…
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    You know how much we love Khloe Kardashian, right? She's so hilarious and always wears the most memorable outfits! Whether it's a hot pink jumpsuit for shopping spree or a glamorous leopard print dress at a party, Khloe dares to dress to impress!

    How To Get The Look:

    -Animal printed clothes are super cool but sometimes hard to wear. So don’t forget to be confident while wearing a bold pattern, otherwise it might wear you instead! We love this leopard print dress from Topshop!

    - Since the dress should be in the spotlight, just add a simple jacket! We found a classic black blazer at Topshop

    - Gold and leopard = super hot combination! We love Khloe’s bracelets and earrings. Put on a bunch a golden bangles, like these bracelets from Topshop...and put on some heavy statement earrings too! These golden earrings are from Forever21 and we just love them!

    - In this case, a simple pair of sandal heels are perfect! Since there is much going on with the dress, the accessories shouldn’t take over. You can find a pair of simple black heels at Asos.

    -To finish the look, a golden clutch, just like Khloe’s, is what you need! At Zara you can find this sparkling wallet that also works as a clutch!

    So unleash your inner animal and go wild!
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    Faye and Finn are reunited with Lucas- but in a locked cell, at the mercy of their captors. Meanwhile, Jimmy's leg has healed with supernatural speed, and he and Liz decide to look for their friends.