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    C: What is the fashion in France like?

    M: France is well known for fashion with brands like Chanel which is a beautiful and creative part of France, and french people like you and I often follow fashion. actually fashion is inspired of a military style, collars and sweet sweaters. but like everywhere, there is people which don't want to follow the fashion and have their own wonderful style!

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    I made an interview with a french member, MelleCoquelicot!

    C: What are the characteristics of France in your opinion ?

    M: I instantly think of beautiful monuments like the Eiffel tower, or famous museums like le Louvre. Maybe the food too with luxurious restaurants and beautiful pastry! :)

    C: Which places would you recommend to the tourists?

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    One of the best things about being a stardoll member is that you can meet all kinds of people from all over the world. I teamed up with Suheily90 to create a new segment that will allow you to learn from all the great countries and the people from them that use Stardoll. The featured country for this week inhabits one of the fashion capitals of the world; France!

     FACT: France is the birthplace of legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel!

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    Kenzah Farah is a French R&B singer, originally from Algeria. Kenza Farah is also a new VIP doll on Stardoll launched as part of the Global Patterns: Fleur de Lis ...



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    Will the beautiful singer and supermodel Carla Bruni become France's first lady?

    It would certainly add a generous pinch of glamour to France's (and the world's) political life. In the meantime, who would like to see Carla as a Stardoll ...