Tips and Tricks!!

58 months ago

Hi beautiful dolls! 

-Everyone loves a cool crisp flavorful drink, right! I love using Ice cubes to cool my drink however I'm not thrilled about the watered down taste once the ice starts to settle and melt ,it can really ruin a sweet tasty drink. I found a fun easy way to keep my drinks nice and full of flavor until the end. For this you will need 1-2 Ice trays,  your favorite Soft drink or Juice drink. Choose the soft-drink or juice of your choice fill all the cubes with your flavored drink, store the filled trays in the freezer until all the cubes have formed and become little blocks of goodness. When you're ready for a refreshing drink add  a few flavored cubes and pour your soft drink/ juice drink in over the ice your drink will be tasty from the first sip to the last!  as the ice melts it will triple the flavor :)

- A little tip for increasing the longevity and freshness of your perfume would be to store it in a dry, cool, shaded area of your room  or in the fridge but you might want to store the perfume in a plastic baggie if your try the fridge method which I recommend for summer because you can then use your perfume as a cooling spritz .

- Just painted your nails and you need them dry like yesterday! :) Just hold them under COLD running water for a few moments, the cold water will freeze the lacquer. 

- Oh No! I woke up with pillows under my eyes I need the puffiness gone like now! Dab a little Preparation-H onto the eye pillows and you'll go from puffy to picture perfect in no time. Remember to be VERY careful do not get any into your eyes :)

That's all for now  I'm sure you dolls have tips! share some in the comments area if you like. I will be sure to try them :)


Don't forget to tell someone you love that you love them each day.

Lots of love

Jada xxx



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