Interview! :)

72 months ago

So Holly, tell us a little about yourself. 
I have been on stardoll for a little less than a year now and I must say I have seen some AMAZING 'stardollians'. There are so many unique dolls, and lots of creative styles... My style varies in my opinion- I have at the moment what I like to call a "fairytale" style - If you want this look go with fairy wings (these can be found in many bazars), fairy wand (again can be found in bazaars) and light, airy colours, will give you this look.

What do you do when you come online to stardoll?
Usually when I come online to stardoll I look for any messags or guestbook comments I have gained, and if I do, I obvsiously reply to them. I also look at the covergirl winner etc. Oh and I now work on my yearbook! I really think it is great - anyone agree? I sometimes look at the new clothing for sale (if there is any, and there usually is!) and if I have enough money I will buy something!

What is your inspiration for your medoll and outfits?
 Hmmm, I don't know really. I suppose how I dress in real life influences me sometimes. Or the kinds of clothes I would like to wear. Also the "fresh of the catwalk" dolls inspire me too.

~Katie ♥

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