All About The Stardoll Academy!

58 months ago

As you probably all know by now, the Stardoll Academy is up and running. Basically the Stardoll Academy lets you complete projects in order to get free items, starcoins and even stardollars!

 Free items and currency for completing projects!

As you can see in this picture above I have to complete all the things listed on the right in order to pass this project

After completing everything on the list I then received 10 stardollars, 2 starpoints and this unique headpiece!

A yearbook to show your progress!

All your progress including saved pictures and a list of your completed projects throughout the Stardoll Academy will be saved here. You can also vote for other peoples yearbooks and some projects even require a number of votes before you can continue!
Best of all it makes Stardoll more interesting and fun!
The Stardoll Academy gives you fun tasks to do with surprises at the end and really brings the excitement back into Stardoll. I personally love this new feature!
Are you excited about the Stardoll Academy?
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