Curling your hair

58 months ago

Whenever you curl your hair, the finished results are always lovely and make your hair look beautiful. But the problem is, hair curlers are annoying, and hair irons damage your hair!

I absolutely love curling my hair! Especially because I know how to curl my hair without having to wear those uncomfortable curlers. Theres much more simple ways to curl your hair.

Heres a post you teach you two ways to curl your hair without a hair curler or hair iron.


This is probably the easiest ways to curl your hair. So you know how to braid your hair, right? Braid your hair in any way you want - So all you need to do is plait your hair in a braid. Then a few hours later, take your hair tie out and you'll see yourself in the mirror with gorgeous, curly hair!


This way of curling your hair isn't as easy as braiding, but it certainly is better than putting curlers in your hair or using a hair curler iron. Take out any head band and wear it normally. Take out a strand of your hair and wrap it around your headband. Then continue and keep taking out strands of hair and wrapping it around your headband. Leave your hair in the headband in for a few hours. Then take out the headband and voila! Curly, wavy, beautiful hair.

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