Callie's Crew

72 months ago

Most of you have probably noticed by now that a new project has been launched on Stardoll called Callie's Crew. As a member, I can tell you that we are not Stardoll Staff.

Callie’s Crew is an invite-only club for respected and long serving medolls who have and continue to help us in keeping Stardoll a safe and fun place for everyone of all ages and nationalities.

To be considered as a member of Callie’s crew you need to be at least level 40 and completed the Safety Quiz.

We are currently not accepting any new applications, but if and when we do we will be sure to share that with the entire Stardoll community.

Stardoll Staff

I have noticed on some user-created blogs that drama is beginning to surface about the members of Callie's Crew. This is not a group of members who are trying to come off as "better" than anybody. The staff chose us because we're helping Stardoll.

I've also noticed people are saying things like "it's just a bunch of old women with no business on Stardoll" about us. Stardoll is a diverse place, accommodating members of all ages. This is a prime reason we're here. There's a right to self-expression but there should also be fair usage of common sense - there are young kids on this site so when you want to be "creative", please keep it appropriate.