Halloween Costume Ideas

61 months ago



With Halloween just around the corner I decided to show your guys some tips on some halloween looks!


I desided to design my make up to look as scary and gothic as possible to match my halloween costume.

This Halloween I wanted to go out tricle treating as an Angel of Darkness, from Wizards of Waverly Place.

For Halloween i suggest checking out Fallen Angel, in the Starplaza, its full of wierd and wonderful items great for mixing and matching for any style. You can make your Halloween costume unique to you and your style. When picking out a costume remember to think about CAP. Colour, Accessories and Pattern. 


Colour...  Halloween colours are scary and dark so things like dark blue, purple, red and black would suit your costume. Orange is another colour that is associated with Halloween but its not that scary!


Accsesories...  You need to deside what Accessories you want to spice up your costume. You don't want any thing plain and boring, for eg, try adding some skull and crosbone bangles or necklaces, maybe even some fake blood.


Pattern...  If you want to go as Cat Woman then you'll need some sort of pattern to help your look stand out. Pattern's need to match your outfit, and have some colour in it. last year I went as a cat with black ears, Cat mask, Tuttu and glow in the dark contact lenses!


This look is original and totally a random idea. So heres what my Costume turned out like, complete with make up and accessories.

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