Imagine One Billion Faces For Peace

61 months ago

"We make war that we may live in peace" is a quote attributed to the celebrated Greek philosopher Aristotle. It is a startling contradiction but unfortunately also true. A lot of global conflicts are fought in the name of peace but the question we have to ask ourselves is....where does it end?

At the end of the IInd World War, there was a brief period where it felt like the world had had enough of conflict. The "Hippie" movement caught on like wild fire and for a few moments it felt like we could achieve that most utopian of ideals...world peace! Sadly, it wasn't to be and while the world hasn't faced a conflict of the magnitude of the IInd World War, at any given moment in time, someone, somewhere is killed in armed conflict. 

Some people feel that the more we empower women across the planet, the closer we will reach to achieving world peace. Isabel Allende put it beautifully, "I can promise you that women working together - linked, informed and educated - can bring peace and prosperity to this forsaken planet." So is it a case of testosterone vs estrogen? Would we solve the problem if young boys were made to decorate suites on Stardoll instead of killing bad guys in World Of Warcraft? But then, aren't we asking young boys to go against their nature? Isn't that totalitarianism? 

Today is World Peace Day and I found this amazing organisation that is trying to do it's bit in achieving world peace. So let's leave our cynicism behind for a moment and go and help them in reaching their goal: Imagine One Billion Faces For Peace!

Leave your thoughts in the comments box and just for today, let's keep it peaceful :)

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