Stand out for MSW

62 months ago

Hi readers,

I`ve got a few tips that you can use to stand out during MSW:


Why use one eyeshadow/liner when you can use three!? A bold lip colour is also a great way to stand out.


And for those of you who don`t have enough stardollars to buy makeup I put this outfit together that is completeley stardollar free:


And personalizing the "Vote for Me" picture only cost me 28scs!


I also use a website called Here you can create text for free, then save it to your file and I choose to upload some onto Stardoll. And the best thing is they don`t have copyright over it after you`ve rendered it so it`s yours to keep there are thousand of texts, effects and colours so it`s hard not to be unique!


Thanks for reading!


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