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62 months ago

As lots of you probably already know Miss Stardoll World is starting up next Wednesday and I think lots of dolls are already getting excited as I have already seen lots of campaigns, I was in the semi-finals last year and thought I'd give some tips for this year because as you all know, winning is a huge achievement - last years winner Ceren.gk won lots of wonderful prizes on Stardoll and even in real life :D


1. The obvious one, make your doll look as beautiful as you can because although MSW isn't just about outer appearance, it does play a big part!

2. Rares! Lots of members like collecting 'rare' items of clothing and furniture on Stardoll such as LE and owning such items will often impress these members and earn you a vote.

3. Decorate your suite to a high standard because although your doll is the main focus, having an eyecatching, well decorated suite will grab attention and therefore earn you a vote so get your creative skills busy and start decorating.

4. Be nice! Don't be rude to people in general or to those who may ask you to vote them too because at the end of the day nobody wants a nasty person representing us all as Miss Stardoll World, also kindness often comes back to you and rewards you in the end.

5. My moto last year (and has been all through my life, it also still is) was be yourself, be unique. Everybody is unique and individual in their own way and if you let your own inner originality shine through other people will see this and you may also stand out from the crowd which might earn you a vote. Also, don't copy - by all means take inspiration from others but do not copy. I am very passionate about this and even own a club on Stardoll named Unique.Original to promote this idea of being yourself and giving people confidence to be their own person and to not be afraid of judgment.

6. Unfortunately all of these things are often not enough to win MSW and often you do need popularity to get the amount of votes required to get to the next round so you may have to ask a few friends for votes, broadcast or politely ask people in guestbooks (don't just repeat VOTE ME MSW because as many of you know, this can be very annoying). I know from experience that needing popularity to win things is off putting but no matter what it's something that is required and can take a lot of effort, time and work.

I know lots of you will think that you need lots of money to succeed in MSW but this is not always the case, there were many non superstars in the semis last year and with the new ways of earning starcoins buying new clothes and furniture should be easier if you have limited funds like lots of us (including me!). So, I wish you all the best of luck in MSW and I hope to see lots of you in the semi-final and final!

Byee, hope this helped - if you need anything else let me know in my guestbook!

Love vikkiVICIOUS

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