A Back to School Tutorial

63 months ago

Hello, dollies! As you all know, the new school year is just around the corner! I'm sure many of you have the same mixed feelings about this as I do. You're torn between wanting to see all of your friends again and not wanting to wake up early each morning. Don't spend too much time on your hair and makeup each day, give yourself more time to catch up on your beaty rest! To make things easier on you, I've made this back to school makeup tutorial.


Things you will need: White Eyesadow, Feldspar Eyeshadow, More Mocha Eyeshadow,Shadow Eyeshadow, Volumizing Mascara, Lengthening Mascara, Black Eye Kohl, Luxe Lipgloss, and Warm Apricot Blush.


1. First, you will need to sweep a layer of white eyesahdow across each of your doll's lids. We don't want this look to be overpowering, so only apply this shadow halfway up to the brow. Next, cover three fourths of the lid with your Feldspar Eyeshadow. Then, add More Mocha Eyeshadow to the outer half of the lid. To finish up the eyes, brush on some Shadow Eyeshadow in the outer corners of the eye.


2. Apply volumizing and lengthening mascara to make sure your lashes are looking the best they can. Since we're trying to keep the look simple, just apply some Black Eye Kohl to both eyes, but don't go crazy!


3. Then, sweep some Warm Apricot Blush across the cheeks, adding just a little something to your cheeks without creating more color.


4. Put the level 33 hairstlyle on your doll. This messy cute style looks effortless and beautiful all at the same time.


5. Finally, apply some Luxe Lipgloss over your lips. The gloss will draw some attention to your doll's lips without overpowering her eyes.