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Hello, dollies! I'm sure most of you have probably heard of crackle nail polish or maybe even worn it on your own nails. Several creative dolls have found a way to bring this trend to Stardoll. Since this look is so popular, I thought I would show you how to create the effect on your doll's nails.

Things you will need: Pink Clouds Nail Polish, Azure Sky Nail Polish, Top Coat

1. First, you will want to add the main color, Azure Sky, to each of your doll's nails. I chose blue for my doll because it looked best with her skin tone. Keep in mind, this tutorial can work with any color of polish you choose. 

2. Next, add the Pink Clouds polish over each of the Azure Sky. This step is what creates the actual crackle effect on your nails. Pretty, right? 

 3. Lastly, you may add a layer of Top Coat to each of the nails to tie everything together and finish off the look. This step is optional. It's just adds nice finishing touch.

Can't wait to see all of your doll's with your new polish! Enjoy! 

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