Bumble-bee Inspired Look/outfit

63 months ago

Hey Girls for this look I decided to go all out and try something creative. I thought of doing a bumble bee inspired look. This look is both creative and glamorus and will look amazing on your medoll.

For this look I used:

Dot Sunshine shadow

Dot Shadow eyeshadow

Luxe lipgloss

Dot flame red blush

Doree Highliter mimosia


Here are some close-ups:

(Above)-The eye makeup (below)-Lip and eye makeup.


Here is the outfit:

This is the outfit, it is flirty yet classy and very affordable.

Here are the items I used to creat this outfit:

Single shoulder dress (Rio)

Barbed wire tote (Special Offer)

Orange bow pumps (Spring Surprise)


Thank you for reading, 

Are you going to try this look? 

Yes, No, Maybe well leave your comments bellow.

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