Tips for Keeping cool!!

64 months ago


Hello dolls :-)

I hope you're all having an amazing summer thus far. I love the long lazy sweet days of summer however the Scorching hot days can be a bit of a drag . I'd like to share a few of  my tips for keeping cool . Air conditioning is a sure way of keeping cool but not everyone is up for using ac for one reason or another and if you aren't it's fine because you can still keep your environment cool.

1. Clean up all the clutter make your environment as clean and neat as possible .  Clean neat surfaces allow the air to circulate much better. FYI: shade makes us cooler, create shade inside by closing your blinds or curtains.

2. If you have a Box Fan you can put it into your window Backwards this actually Pulls the Hot air OUT of your room while drawing cool air IN.

3. Store your Body sprays, perfumes/ spritzers in the Fridge when they're cool enough just take one out and spritz on ,not only do you get an instant cool down plus you smell pretty at the same time . FYI: storing your perfumes in the fridge actually adds to there potency and increases their shelf life. Never store perfume in direct sunlight or extreme heat , the sunlight and heat will drain the potency of your perfume.

4. Go for a long swim or take a long hot shower at the end of your shower turn the cold water up to give your skin a jolt it will leave you feeling refreshed as well as cool.

5. Stay hydrated drink plenty of  cool water, pure fruit juices and Gatorade.

If you're like me and you love summer but can't stand the extreme heat I'm sure you too have come up with some crafty was of keeping cool please feel free to share your tips in the comments :-)


Thank you all for reading♥


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