Fashion Entry: Boho Chic!

64 months ago


This is specially for all those who enjoyed the ‘Interior Design Boho' post – thankyou for all your kind comments! This post focuses on how you can create Boho-Chic outfits for your doll that are perfect for festival season!

Boho-chic fashion is very colourful, yet earthy and layered, and plays on influences from Tribal, African and Indian styles. It’s a romantic style, with soft flowing fabrics and loose clothing. It’s also perfect for festivals this summer!

. Layer your outfits! Wear a top under a dress or boots over skinny jeans. Adding colour makes the outfit ‘pop’, so experiment with colours that compliment each other e.g silver and turquoise! Patterns are great too – especially tribal prints and tie dye stripes!

. Accessorize! Layer your jewellery: add different coloured bangles, wooden beads and elaborate earrings. These tie together your outfit, so select colours that match and compliment those in your clothes!



. Polish off! Add a scarf, boots, headband, or do up your hair to tie the outfit together!  Have fun with it and get creative!


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