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Achievements FAQ

68 months ago

Back by popular demand, we’ve gotten hold of our Lead Games Designer to write another Q&A in response to all of your questions regarding the Achievement System!


Q: What are these strange trophies in my Suite? Have I won something?
A No, those are your achievements! You’ve earned them by completing tasks on Stardoll. You can see why you have earned them by mousing over each individual award. If you want to know how to collect more just mouse over an empty space on your lower shelves and you will see what you need to do to get that award!

Earning achievements will give you Starpoints which will help you level up faster and will unlock new items as well as functions on Stardoll. So what are you waiting for… that cool hairstyle isn’t going to unlock itself!

Q: How do I get prizes?
A: You will get prizes in the form of unlocking new items and features as you level up with Starpoints. Earning achievements will give you extra Starpoints and make you level up faster.

For each achievement that you complete, you will also receive a cute award that can be displayed on your top shelf.

Q: Will you introduce more achievements in the future?
A: We had so much fun creating this batch that we would love to release more, but only if you want more!

Q: What happens when I complete one row of achievements?
A: Then you have completed your collection for that entire category! The achievement system was designed to easily show you which awards you have and which you could still achieve.

Q: When we finish them all, do we win something?
A: There is no prize if you complete the entire set but you do earn bonus Starpoints and an adorable award for each achievement that you complete.

The achievements are meant to be a way to show off all of your accomplishments on Stardoll and give you a new way to level up faster. You will unlock cool items and features every time you level up as well!

Q: Can I bring the awards to my Suite?
A: No, the awards stay on the shelves. The top shelf was designed so that you will be able to display your best and favorite achievements for everyone to see. Below, there is a place for each individual award so that you can see which ones you’ve collected and which ones you can still collect.

This way you can really show off all of your cool achievements to your friends because they won’t get lost in your Suite :P

Q: Some awards do not show up directly, why?
A: There are two occasions when the trophy won’t show up instantly:

1. If you complete an achievement in your suite when the lower shelves are open, you will need to refresh your page for the award to show up on your shelf.

2. Some of the achievements need another player to complete a task for you, like when you need to sell items in your Starbaazar.

When this happens you will need to wait for another member to do the task before you will get the achievement. If they finish your achievement while you are both online, you will need to either refresh your page or log out and log back in depending on the achievement. It’s just another reason to keep logging into Stardoll!

Q: Why not backtrack EVERYTHING, I had a club with 100 members back in 2009, I have designed +2000 items over the last 2 years, I want the achievements!
A: Oh 2009. I remember the skinny jeans, Twilight Saga: New Moon was finally released and Taylor Squared ruled the world. What a magical year. But unfortunately in 2009 we here at Stardoll didn’t know that in a few years we would want to introduce achievements.

In order to be able to backtrack all of the achievements we would have needed to start logging everyone’s data when Stardoll was first launched and we just didn’t have the foresight to do that :P

We have been working on this achievement system for only the last 6 months and we would love to be able to backtrack every single achievement but we simply don’t have all of the data required.

So until someone invents a time machine to take us back to the wonderful year that was 2009, we will have to start fresh on many of the achievements.

Q: Why?? Why are they doing this? And WHY is there stupid music when you get the award! WHY??
A: Because we think the achievements are awesome! And I wanted to thank all of the Stardoll members who have been sending us notes telling us how much you like them too!

If you are not into collecting the awards you don’t have to, you can just continue to use the features that you like. Hint: Hopefully you will be able to turn the sound off and on really soon.

Q: How can I remove the shelf so no one can see it?
A: Right now there is no way to remove the shelf, but you don’t have to put any awards on it if you would rather not. We designed this so that you, the player would have complete control over how your shelf looks. So if you want to load it up with trophies, go for it and if you want to leave it empty you can do that too! It is totally up to you!

Q: Do you permanently earn an achievement?
A: Yes, once you have been awarded an achievement, it is yours to keep forever. And don’t worry, you can’t lose them because they are stuck to your shelves!

Q: Can you earn them again?
A: Of course you can keep doing the same tasks that you did the first time, but you will only receive your award and the bonus Starpoints the first time. Part of the reason that we introduced these achievements was to make sure everyone would be able to try all of the features at least one time. This way, you will know what you really love about Stardoll and maybe even find a cool part of the site you didn’t even know about before! I hope these answered your questions on Achievements!

We have had so much fun here at Stardoll creating these Achievements and hope you have even more fun playing with them!

Stardoll’s Lead Game Designer
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