Be More Original! ^^

64 months ago

Ways to inspire originality in your game!




. Carpets for walls – this is a growing trend on stardoll and a clever way to add different textures to your suite! Experiment with different colours and patterns to make sure it suits the style of the room you’re in. The colour scheme in my room is a vintage-beige, so I’ve gone for a fluffy white carpet for softer edges ^^


. Using furniture for roof beams can work too – an inventive way to add depth to your suite if the Wall Treatment from DIY just isn’t cutting it!


. DIY hairstyles – A great way to make your doll more unique is to design the hairstyle yourself! Recent tools such as the Hair and Jewellery Studios have made this much easier to do, but you could also use items and accessories from Starplaza stores! Try the extensions from the Sunny Bunny store in particular and arrange them to create a completely new and unique hairstyle!




. DIY outfits – Experiment with layering different pieces of clothing – you’ll get a completely new outfit for your doll! Choosing items from different stores in Staplaza adds variety – how about a ‘Voile’ skirt layered with a floral shirt from ‘Pretty n’ Love’? Mix and match designs and colours and have fun with it!