How to wear: SD Red Blusher

65 months ago

Hello I am itr15 and I am going to show you how to wear SD red blusher. 

With blusher you have to be careful not to go overboard. Especially with red blusher: less is more.

I will be showing two pictures where red blusher definitely doesn't work:


Here it may sometimes work but very rarely. Don't get me wrong but I have seen this way of applying blusher work for some dolls but not for others. If you have red lipstick and bright pink eye shadow don't apply red blusher like this because it will just look like way too much make-up. 


Here is another way in which some people go a bit over board with their make-up. This is probably the same explanation as the first picture. I have seen some dolls work this look but that means they had very light eye and lip make-up on.


Now the way I think red blusher works:

This is probably the best way because it is very light and you are just highlighting the cheekbones to make them stand out more. Then you can also wear quite heavy eye and lip make-up without making it look like you have put too much make-up on.


I hope you enjoyed my post.

xxx itr15