Galaxia's Story
Part 1: What is wrong with me?

65 months ago


My earliest childhood memory is of my father building a tiny baby boat for me to sail in. Even though he isn’t a big fan of the forests on Earth, he seems to be quite partial to water. Pappah built a house next to a lake in the middle of nowhere. He tells me I could swim before I could walk. He’s always been a bit of a loner and after work every day he would come straight home and play with me. But I’ve had a happy childhood and wouldn’t change it for the world.


School was tough in the beginning. I had no friends but there were plenty of people that loved to pick on me. I guess some of it was my fault because I just didn’t want to understand what all the other girls would talk about. Dolls were just not my thing and don’t even get me started on Lady Gaga. There was a girl in the year above mine who really took a ‘liking’ towards me. She had a loud, bellowing voice that could be heard miles away and as I was the smallest one in school she loved to pick on me. Her favorite name for me was “Slimy” because of the way I would move my body while swimming. I really hated that name! My gym teacher always said to me that it looked like I floated on water and was the best swimmer he had ever seen. “She’ll win Olympic Gold, I promise ya” he’d say to my father every time they met. The bullying got worse over time and she’d often make fun of me in front of the entire school. It didn’t affect me at the start but it was when she started calling my father names that I would start to cry. I hate the way I cry…it’s the most embarrassing sound ever.


After a particularly bad day at school one day, Pappah sat me down and asked, “So how was school today?” I didn’t want to trouble him so I told him it was fine. “Then explain why you have bags the size of sacks under your eyes?” I couldn’t hold it any longer and I shouted at him, “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! Why did you teach me to swim this way? Everyone calls me Slimy and says I’m a freak. What is wrong with me?????” Pappah took off his glasses and said to me, “Sweetheart, I think it’s time you knew the truth…….”


To be continued...

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