A fun quiz!

65 months ago

What Stardoll Shop Are You?



Hey! This is just a fun quiz for everyone to take, no need to write your answer in the comment section, but if you want, you can!

1. In your free time, you like to..:
A. Listen to music
B. Chill out with friends
C. Try on cute outfits
D. Make a fun new dance

2.Favorite animal?:
A. Spider
B. Dog
C. Rabbit
D. Cat

3. The type of music you like?:
A. Grunge,Rock,
B. Indi-pop, rap,
C. Rhyming,Opera
D. Jazz, Techno

4. You describe yourself as...:
A. Mysterious
B. Chilled
C. Girly
D. Fun to be around

5. How old would you want to be, if you didn't know your real age?:
A. Over 20
B. Under 25
C. Under 18
D. Between 21 and 30

Mostly A's- Fallen Angel
Mostly B's- Fudge
Mostly C's- Pretty in love
Mostly D's- Rio
(This quiz does not determine your REAL style, its just a fun quiz!)

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