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Individual, unique, personal, sensational. Four words to describe the significance of perfumery.

When purchasing a new perfume always consider whether it suits your personality; are you bold and charismatic or sweet and sophisticated? Also, does it suit the occasion? Generally, a light perfume is used during the day, wheras a more intense fragrance is suitable on a night out.

Earthy and spicy, warm and woody or fresh and floral - these fragrances are created thanks to a blend of herbal extracts, and essential oils, for instance patchouli oil, lemongrass oil and neem oil. Traditionally, the small white Mogra (indian jasmine) flower is woven into a small garland, known as Mala. Women used this to adorn their hair, and to give a woody, jasmine aroma throughout the day.

Nowadays, it's simpler to purchase perfumes, essential oils or incense sticks.
A tantalizing citrus aroma, an enticing sensual scent or an oriental woody fragrance. Which one will you choose?



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