Hairstyle Tutorial: Milkmaid Braids

65 months ago

Milkmaid Braids is a very stylish and simple braid to make. This braid is great for special occasions or if you just wanted a cute hairstyle for school or work. Celebrities also like this style.


Here is how to make a Milkmaid Braid:
1. Part your hair into 2 sections and braid both. Tie the ends with a hair tie.

2.Take your first braid and center it on the top of your head. Use a pin to secure it in place.

3. Take your second braid and center it over your first and then put it underneath. Use a pin to secure it in place.

This style can be messy or straight and clean. Experiment with your hair and see what style you can come up with!

Remember: If this is your first time trying this braid and it does not come out, don’t worry! Keep practicing and you will soon perfect it! Practicing on friends and family members also help you practice. If you would like a visual view of making this braid, search a video tutorial to show you how. This braid works best with long hair.

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