4 Easy Ways to Win CoverGirl!

66 months ago

Hello there fellow Stardolls,

Ever wondered what it truly takes besides spending lots of Stardollars worth broadcasting to win CoverGirl? Well, wonder no more and wait no longer! Here are 4 easy ways/tips that will help you win the title.

Step 1: Always dress your Medoll in the most amazing outfit you can find and one that you think fits best to win the title of CoverGirl.

Step 2: Decorate your Suite very nicely and modernly. Members are attracted to other creative Stardoll users. 

Step 3: If you wish to win CoverGirl, other members must know you are running for it. Make it clear on your Presentation on your MyPage and by leaving comments in GuestBooks, Albums, Clubs and Sceneries.

Step 4: Broadcasting is another way to catch everyones attention and have them vote for you to win CoverGirl.

So, GOOD LUCK to all who wish to run for CoverGirl.

I hope these tips were helpful!


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