Interview: AnneHattaway

65 months ago

Heya everyone,

So I am currently one of the judges for a friend of mines club, "NextTopMedoll". Just recently we have finished cycle four and we have come to won winner, "AnneHattaway". 

1. What was your reaction when you were picked for the top 13?
- When I joined the club it was my first time doing a sign up for a modelling club. I was a newie; so It was to my great surprise and happiness when I saw my name in the contestants list!

2. How far honestly did you think you would go in the competition?
-  I decided to do my best in each task, to be original and surprising. I wanted to get far and that's what I expected. I always * expect a lot from me while I have fun of course.

3. What did you think of the different tasks?
-  Each task was unique as their topics and ways of execution varied a lot. They were well designed and explained, I had to use many different skills mixing outfits with make ups, sceneries and explanations. I enjoy them a lot as I had to think out of the box and find the other ways around the issue, there were challenging though.

4. What was your reaction when you found out you had won?
- My feelings were so mixed haha. I literally jump of my chair, I was overflowing amazement and joy, as my runner-up X-x-Perfect-x-X, Is an amazing model with a lot of experience, and I actually thought she would win. I am still thankful and happy!

5. Do you have any adive for up and coming models? 
-  My first advice is, and I highlight it, have fun! Do every task enjoying it, making friends. On the other hand, I recommend when you do the scenery take the task to another level of imagination expressing all your creativity and own style. Do your best in each task and I can bet you would be proud of your work, no matter the results, and this would help you to construct your modelling personality and style.


Congrats AnneHattaway,

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