Jason Segel Show His Feelings For Michelle Williams!

67 months ago

Cute couple alert! Jason Segel and Michelle Williams are definitely a thing now! Jason was recently spotted holding his iPhone with pics of Michelle taped on the back. The phrase "I love you" was written next to one of the photos - he's so cute! Michelle has had a hard time after the death her ex-fiance Heath Ledger, who's also the father of her daughter Matilda. But now Michelle is finally ready to move on, because she has found the right guy for her. "Michelle told one friend 'I love him'", a source recently said. The couple has been friends "for years", but they didn't start dating until a few months ago. "They're much more serious than everybody thinks", an insider reveals. "They're really happy!". Awww, we're really happy for them too! (usweekly)