Easter Eggs! Part 2

67 months ago

At Easter, in almost every culture eggs are decorated in many ways for numerous reasons, in Christianity eggs are stained red to represent the blood of Christ and in the North East of England eggs are stained a tan colour by boiling onion skins with the eggs simply because they look nice - we then roll the eggs down hills for no particular reason other than it is fun, which is a favorite past time of mine that people from anywhere else but Scotland and North East England find insane! Maybe the most famous and exquisite designs are from a company named Fabergé who were originally commissioned by the Tzar in Russia many years ago to make beautiful eggs for Russian Royalty, some of which have provided inspiration for the new Epiphany floors on Stardoll.

I absolutely adore all of the eggs in the Epiphany store and love how there are so many different designs to incorporate into every suite imaginable! I love Fabergé eggs, i would kill for a real one (but unfortunately i don't have thousands upon thousands of pounds for one egg!) so having similar ones of Stardoll is wonderful. I don't think many people will really grasp the beauty or point of them and they're not to everyones taste but i love them and will have to save up for them all.

Dear StarBlog editor, my pictures don't seem to be appearing when i add them to my blog posts so would it be possible for you to add a picture of one of the Epiphany eggs here for me?

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