Play smart and safe!

67 months ago

Hello dolls:

I'm sure you've all familiarized yourselves with the ONE STOP rules of the site. If you have not maybe you should take a moment to do so. The rules of the site are made to ensure the safety of it's members this is why it's important that we know them and follow them.

Here are some basic tips for maintaining your account safely on the site:

1. NEVER EVER give out your Pass word or personal information no matter what anyone offers you in return . Giving out your Pass word is a huge rule breaker.

A. Facial / hair Make overs can be done via your parlor no need to give out a password for those.

B. Presentation makeovers can be done via Drag and drop method no need to give out your pass word .

C. Promises of free superstar memberships are just bogus tools used to get your password and personal info.

NEVER trust anyone that tells you that they NEED your password.


2. Do Not use Foul-Bad language -We are all intelligent and creative enough to express our opinions and views without the use of bad language. It's ok if you don't agree about every single thing ,try expressing  your opposition in a constructive and non-vulgar manner.


3.Chain Messages -DO NOT WORK! don't fall for the those messages that tell you to type millions of comments and you will receive  stardollars these are not true.


Those are just a few basics for having a safe and enjoyable time on the site. I'm not part of the wonderful staff I'm simply a member just as you are.

Note: For a full and complete list of  one-stop rules please Click  the Help tab  located on the spotlight page . Then click the  "STARDOLL  ETIQUETTE- our ONE-STOP RULES" tab.


Play smart and safe dolls :-)