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80 months ago

Eco Design for a Better World

Eco Design for a Better World

Floral Bench

Inspired by the design of sweety_1314 this environmentally responsible bench is 'made' of durable and beautiful tropical eucalyptus wood, certified through the Forest Stewardship Council.  And further  beautified by sweety_1314's  floral sketch.

Eco Design for a Better World

Recovered Railway Bureau

Designers avoided cutting down new trees to make this rugged bureau. 

Combining traditional craftsmanship with century old eco-friendly reclaimed rail ties this wood produce strong personality rich designs  that fit beautifully into both traditional and contemporary interiors.

Inspired by the design of bubble9768


Eco Design for a Better World

Eco Sofa Bed

This bed is designed and manufactured from sustainable timbers in a and inspired by the design of Silver.Wind -- the original concept was a bed that also pulled apart into two separate sofas, for double use - we loved the headboard design so much we anchored it on a more conventional sofa bed -- but we are still thinking about ways to put Silver.Wind's idea into a future collection. 

Eco Design for a Better World

One World Chair

Inspired by the design of simmienz,  who conceptually tunneled to the center of the earth to design this chair -- we added to the idea by 'making' from recycled polypropylene plastic — which can be recycled again at the end of its useful life.

simmienz, says "Who wouldn't want one of these? Earth relates to being eco friendly so of course this chair has something to do with it." and we want something to do with chilling out in this clever and comfortable chair.

Eco Design for a Better World

Humanity's Future Painting

Inspired by the artwork  of RockStarXXXL this message rich painting uses range of eco paints and natural varnishes. All the paint products 'used'are waterborne with no oils or acrylic softeners for safer and more sustainable art practice.

Eco Design for a Better World

Peaceful Midnight Rug

Inspired by the design of cecegod this natural carpet is are made from rapidly renewable materials that come from plant fibers.Also good to know:  natural carpeting is the perfect choice for people with allergies as they greatly reduce allergens in the air and are easier to clean and maintain.

Eco Design for a Better World

Peace Balloons

A light hearted way to celebrate a peaceful and sustainable future inspired by the submission from papiley

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