Stardoll History: Paperdoll Heaven

79 months ago

Hey dollies! I'm back with a new Stardoll History post! This weeks topic is about how Stardoll started. Here's the story:


***PLEASE NOTE: I am aware that there is a story similar to this one in the 'Help' section on Stardoll. I am not trying to copy it - I am just posting the story in my own words, so Stardoll's history could be more public on Stardoll.


Back in 2003, a girl named Liisa loved making paperdolls. Liisa was determined to share her love of paperdolls with other girls from all over the world. That year, she created a website called (This website is still around.) Once she created it, the website became popular right away. Liisa was proud of her website, but she wanted to improve it. In 2006, with the help of her son, Liisa launched, and it was just as popular as Every week, Liisa would add more and more to Stardoll, and now it is a website that is loved by millions of people all over the world. To this day, Liisa still creates new paperdolls every week for us, so we can dress them up and enjoy them. The next time you log into Stardoll, thank Liisa for this amazing website.