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68 months ago

Eco-designer sarah_sun_shine hails from the world's smallest sub-continent, but she has big ideas when it comes to the inventive use of materials. 

Her artfulsketch and clever spin on the GOT MILK campaign put this designers playful concept into Stardoll production. We'll let her describe it in her own words:

Got Milk? This dress is made from recycled milk cartons. The bodice is made from the bottle caps, with the sleeves and the skirt made from the carton cut into the shape of leaves.

-  sarah_sun_shine



Quirky and original, Harry-Potter-69's Suite warns you to Fear the 'stache!

But we don't fear it - we love the high fashion nod to Jamie Bochert and high art wink to Dali! What a fashion forward Stardoll. :)

Harry-Potter-69's proposal and sketch for an eco-dress that was made from a combination of mesh and silk caught our attention with it's on-trend color and single strap choice.

The interesting possibilities in weaving silk and mesh directed us towards a material choice of bamboo silk - with this beautiful result. 
Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly sources for fabric as it doesn't require the pesticides and other chemical agents are necessary to grow most other fibers.

Eco Design for a Better World

Fuchsia Bamboo Dress

Eco-designer spudbaby came up with the winning idea and sketch for upcylcling on your big day with, " ... a wedding dress made out of old recycled clothing ..."

Luxuriously constructed from vintage linen fabics with chic, historic, floral detailing, this dress revitalizes the timeless traditions of hand-made gown construction, but with a contemporary lightweight feel.  It's the benefit of bespoke with a perfectly tailored fit and light
natural sheen.

What better message to send on your wedding day than a promise to each other and the future of the planet. We like the way you think spudbaby - here's to wedding planners on a eco-wedding planet!

Eco Design for a Better World
Recycled Linen Wedding Dress

Keeping things light and airy (sunlight and clean air act airy) designer shoshosho6 submitted her well rendered, somewhat anime influenced, design for this delightful organic cotton dress. Of all organic fibers grown, cotton because of it's massive popularity is both one of the most popular and one of the important to grow with methods that have a low impact on the environment. 
Eco Design for a Better World
Organic Cotton Oriental Dress

Having fun in sustainable style is the message behind this glitzy glittery little number from winning designer glifitzouraki2 This spangled party dress takes a page from Stella McCartney, generally recognized as one of the fashion world’s most conscience-driven designers.  A la McCartney glifitzouraki2's dress uses recycled beading and spangles as well as low impact dyes to achieve the bouncy color combo.

Eco Design for a Better World
Recycled Plastic Beads Dress

--- More Featured Eco-Designers to come! 

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