Stardoll: Fame, Fashion, and FRIENDS!!

68 months ago

That famous Stardoll logo is catchy and memorable, It's been around ever since my very first day on this website in 2007. I've noticed that with so many members many users become intimidated and choose to keep this game only to themselves, and not really open to meeting new people on this website.I cannot recommend it enough to sending a few strangers messages on here and getting to meet new people. Why? You're able to safely communicate with others from all over the globe, and even learn about their culture & personalities just by a few clicks of a keyboard!

If you're interested in making friends, simply send one a message or friend request with a meaningful text. Something just like "5/5" or "hi" won't cut it. Humans love it when someone recognizes them. Key Word: THEM. Instead of complimenting their doll, maybe pick up on their name from their presentation or a hobby that they have similar to yours.

The other hotspot for meeting others is through clubs. There is a long list of active clubs that you can choose from, just join one. If you like fashion, join a fashion club. You'll be able to have safe conversations with people and get to know them before you add them to your friends list. NEVER give out personal info that breaks the One stop rules though!

Feel free to share examples of friends you've made on Stardoll in the comment section

pic credit to ww.stardoll.com