Halloween Suite!

72 months ago

Hey Everyone!

Want a spooky suite for Halloween? Then read on and follow these 7 easy steps!


1. Buy grey and black squares from Stardesign Interior. This will be the basic background of the room. Fill the whole room as shown below.  

2. Add fog around the room. Available in the Suite Shop now. This gives it that spooky feeling.

3. Add dull grass to the bottom to give it that extra look. Or keep it plain if you want!

4. Add a black gate. This is to seperate the path (grey) from the graveyard (black).


5. This is the fun part. Add all your spooky Halloween decorations! Graves, spiders, pumpkins, anything you want! Go crazy!

6. Arrange everything and your done! But wait...

7. Put on a spooky outfit and your complete!

Thanks for reading!

TheFabChloe :)