Christopher Nolan keeps the ending to him self!

73 months ago

The new and concluding chapter in Christopher Nolan Batman series,The Dark Knight Rises, has no ending, or at least not on paper! Christopher wants to keep the grand ending secret from everyone so he won't even write the ending down on paper. That means that even the cast members don't know how it all will end! We are sooo curious, aren't you?

The only person that knows Chris's secret is, actor Gary Oldman. So if you want the secret you'll just have to ask Gary! This Batman movie will be the last one for Christopher Nolan, and we can't wait to see what he has in store for us! We know that hollywood hottie Christian Bale will finish this with Chris, and that's just good enough for us, isn't it? Click on the pics to get some sneak peak's from the set!