When some one with a true heart calls ...

75 months ago

There was once a a tale whispered among camp fires. It was a tale of battles, of no mercy and of lots of blood. It begins with a boy named David. He was hiding from the battle, the screams and the sound of swords swiping against each other. He was hiding in a barrel. Beside a tree. His mother had put him in it to keep him safe and she told him she loved with all heart but then she was gone disappeared in to the shadows. He prayed to the stars to help him now. He prayed for the people who were dying this very moment. He prayed for his mother and father who could be dead by now. He prayed for himself. He had always believed the stars would watch over him that they were his guardians and would help him when he needs it most.

He peeked through a hole at the top of the barrel and looked at the stars twinkling above him. " Please help me" he whispered over and over again. Suddenly there was a clash of thunder and a flash of lightening. Then silence just silence. Suddenly a voice could be heard then another then another. They were singing whoever they were.

The voices were like crystal chimes blowing against the wind. It was said there skin was as pale as snow and as bright as the stars above their voices made David feel warm and happy inside though he could faintly heear the clashing of swords over the singing. The battle was over we had one! Davids parents were alive! And the victory was ours.

Some people say they were fairies others say they were angels but David knew better. They were stars, his guardians and his friends. It is rumored that they come only when some one with a true heart calls them in their time of need.

The end!