Fringe Trend: Would You Wear These Fake Eyelashes?

75 months ago

We’ve heard celebrity after celebrity and makeup artist after makeup artist extol the benefits of fake eyelashes. They plump, thicken, and lengthen your lashes and call attention to your shining eyes in a way plain old mascara simply can’t. Paper eyelashes, however, take the whole fake-eyelashes thing to a completely new level. They won’t just call attention to your eyes, they’ll have people stopping and plain-out gaping at your peepers.

Photo: Courtesy of Paperself. Paperself Deer and Butterfly Lashes, $15

And who could blame them? Paperself has created a line of fake eyelashes inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting— known as Jianzhi—that feature artistic, miniature cut-out designs. Above are the Deer and Butterfly lashes, which incorporate fluttering butterflies atop a deer’s antlers. Below are even more of the unique creations. Would you wear them? They’re definitely straddling the line between too much and just enough, but fashion is all about taking risks and standing out. We’re a tad concerned that, from afar, people may conclude that we just went to town with the mascara, but if anything, they’re certainly conversation starters. Either that or they’ll stay far away because they’re freaked out. Just kidding! or not…

Photo: Courtesy of Paperself. Paperself ‘Under the Sea’ Lashes, $15

Photo: Courtesy of Paperself. Paperself Clown Lashes, $15

Photo: Courtesy of Paperself. Paperself Horses Lashes, $15