Stardoll Loved Chatting with PLAY!

173 months ago

Stardoll loved having, Fanny, Anais and Sanne, from the Pop Group PLAY, at our Stockholm HQ for an amazing Live Chat!

 It was great to have so many questions pouring from all corners of the globe for PLAY! Read The Chat Archive Here!

Play had some really challenging and thoughtful questions from Stardoll Fans like:

Mizzfame1456 asked: Your all great :D What would your advice be to anyone who wants to start a band or get into the music business? Ill be sure to buy your new album btw :D

Play answered: oh thank you! It's difficullt being in a band so it's very important to respect eachothers differences and to reach for the same goal. And never forget to enjoy it while it lasts and have fun. Get your music out there and DONT GIVE UP!

We even found out which of the 101 flavours of Ice Cream the Girls prefer!

asked: hi first of all i just want to say i love the band they rule and i wanted to ask what is your favourite ice cream flavor and why is it that one thankyou xoxox

Play answered: Thank you soo much!! We Love Ice cream! Especially Faye! She loves licorice ice cream! I anais like bubblegum ice cream and sanne looves chocolate ice cream! =)

One Stardoll fan might have even found a new name for her puppy!

oxoxCharleyoxox asked: I love your music...I'm gonna name my puppy Play!

Play answered: Ohh! That's so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Play had tons of fun reading through the questions!!

Play said: Hi! It feels amazing to be chatting here on stardoll=) We love all the questions and we hope to get to answer as many as possible...=)

…..and they totally knocked out 43 answers—awesome typing skills!

Play definitely wanted to give a big shout out to everyone!

Play said:“We love stardoll! We love the whole concept of fame, fashion & friends=) it's a great way to express yourself and your sense of fashion!”

And Stardoll Totally Loves Play! Thanks Girls for visiting us at Stardoll!

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Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the new CD from Play, 'Under my Skin' on April 21 ... and their new single, 'Not the One' is out today!