Interview With An Icon

93 months ago

Miss_LolitaF Speaks: Lipstick Magazine

Hey Everyone, Lipstick Magazine Idea come into my GuestBook where a girl asked me why I wasn’t making a magazine since I had a great style. In the beginning I was like: Me, in a magazine, Nope. But there I saw some other comments suggesting it to me so I decided to make one. I contacted with Filipinhamaria to join me and we had the Name, Ideas and the 2 Owners.
After searching for a few graphic designers a lot applied and we so loved their job and hired 4 graphic Designers (smothieLove, faita_14, nehalinnia and reira422). In fact we had 5 but one quitted because of a personal reason. Then amazing girls applied to be writers but we choose Wooldor, Chicago3 and blueberry-dream. All 3 were great and had amazing style.
So we were ready, we started working on our Articles, on the Graphics which are totally amazing and Right now All is done, the Magazine 1st Issue is out and we are really happy for it. We even dedicated an article to McQueen.
Although we still need to improve some parts, and bring new fresh Models, all girls Interested can follow the Blog and keep themselves updated for more.

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