Interveiwing VASIA28

93 months ago

Chloe: Hi Vasia, Im glad you accepted to do an interveiw for stardoll magazine, We will be able to see your sence of style and advice for other members! What style inspires you most?

Vasia: First of all, i would like to thank you for this oportunity! I love diffrent styles, most people like the classic ones but Im more related to the advant-gard, but I cant hide away from the syphiticated look! Lady GaGa is an icon of fashion to me, alot of people see her as a freak, but then you start to notice how related to fashion she is.

Chloe: Lady GaGa, is a true Icon I agree! What would be the most craziest outfit you have EVER worn on stardoll, recently?

Vasia: Well, I think the craziest was a whole ago, Alexander inspired outfit, the hat was unusual I would never really think of something like that, but it turned out really good.

Chloe: Yes, I saw that it was amazing I think more members need to think of things like that! Well, our last question who are your three top idols on stardoll?

Vasia: I really never think of that, but to choose WriteMarycat owner of the best magazine (in my opinion) and is really appriciatitive... Second N1mka4eva, and exilent fashion taste just a true genious! and TylerIsBold because he never gives up, he always come up with really creative ideas and his writing is fantastic!

Chloe: They sound like some amazing people, that you just love! They must have some serious fashion sence and style, thanks vasia! bye.

Vasia: thanks so much, Bye!


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