The Big Fear; The Hackers!

104 months ago

Hi all;

İ want to talk about everyone's big fear; The hackers! They are in everywhere not just in Stardoll.But in Stardoll ; there is ways totake precautions.

1-) Never,never give your password to anyone ! Dont trust anyone else you dont know. Please!

2-)The hacker can try to be your best friend.With this way; she/he will learn your information (age,country,name,surname,your favourite things,,). So be sure that you are super careful, dont create your password with this informations.And also dont give your real life information to people you even dont know.

3-)Your password must be very difficult. Dont create your password easy. Try combining numbers,symbols,letters to make it extra safe! And your password wouldnt be same with your account name.

4-)''The most common way to lose an account is revealing or trading passwords.This is againist to Stardoll rules! ''

5-)Save your User ID which you can find at "My Account",and if you are ever hacked send it to Stardoll to get your password back!

6-)Superstars; When you buy stardollars; you get an email from Stardoll which includes ''Reference Number''.You can send this reference number to Stardoll when you are hacked.(like User ID)

Dont forget; Stardoll always working to make this site a better and more fun place to be at.